Glyn James (BA RHAD)

Hearing Aid Dispenser

When it comes to innovations in technology, Glyn is one step ahead. A former Electronics and Computer Engineer with the RAF, he’s constantly amazed at the speed of evolution in hearing devices over the last ten years – now smarter and smaller than ever before. He’s an excellent guide to the digital hearing world and is best placed to help you find the best device for your needs.

“A consultation at Leightons can be up to 90 minutes if partner need it. It’s vital that we have this time in order to explore and understand the communication issues that people are facing. It’s only once we understand this and all the different environments where people struggle to hear that we can think about a solution. At Leightons we are extremely lucky that we have access to the most innovative hearing aid manufacturers in the world, which means we can prescribe the most suitable solution for any hearing loss and the most challenging environments. Our dedicated aftercare program allows customers to spend time as they need with us, this allows us to provide very supportive long term care.”