Ormsby Williams (BA RHAD)

Hearing Aid Consultant

Ormsby has had a successful career in hearing care for 12 years. Despite taking an unconventional route into Audiology through a background in marketing, his approach has been universally based on a firm commitment to customer care. As a former mentor once said to him, “you have two ears, one mouth – use them in that order!”

Ormsby takes pride in being able to understand each customer’s individual needs and exceed their expectations. He loves that the culture and ethos at Leightons enables him to provide the best possible customer care. With access to the latest technology and applying his own technical knowledge and expertise, Ormsby is able to assist each of his customers in achieving their personal goals.

Outside work, Ormsby’s interests include script-writing for radio, film and television, as he loves film and enjoys going to the theatre. Musicals are his guilty pleasure! Keeping fit is also important, so he plays rugby and football, as well as enjoying jetskiing, sailing and swimming. He also loves spending time with his three wonderful children.