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Birmingham Optical

Describe what it’s like to work with Leightons.

It has been both a pleasure and an honour to work with an exciting forward thinking group. We really like and understand their people and what their goals and aspirations are for their customers, so we also feel passionate about ‘getting it right’ as part of the Leightons family.

What’s special or different about the partnership, our people and our focus?

We initially started working with key individuals in the Leightons business and feel that now we have had opportunity to meet almost every individual in each store through training CET and advice so feel very involved in the whole estate. At every practice we meet lovely people who care and that translates to everything they do for their customers and within their practices. I feel the focus for the group is to embrace change and technology and set high clinical standards to offer a unique and exceptional service.

How do Leightons values align with your own business’s values?

We also like to consider ourselves as professionals who strive to give the best experience in every transaction that takes place. We don’t like to stay the same but be innovators and proactively set new opportunities to develop further benefits for our customers.

Pick three words that you feel best describe Leightons.

Professional, passionate and personable