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An eye for detail

What makes your glasses great isn’t just how good they look on you, or the beautiful craftsmanship of the frames – it’s the lenses that truly make them exceptional. Your lenses are unique to you, and people rely on the quality of their lenses to help them see clearly and comfortably every single day. At Leightons, we’re passionate about teaming with suppliers who share our values of quality and care, which is exactly why we love HOYA lenses.

The future of lenses

HOYA originated in Japan in 1941, when two brothers began a small optical lens business. Shoichi and Shigeru Yamanaka enjoyed such success in the industry that they began distributing lenses all over the world, renowned for their eye for perfection and passion for industry-leading technology. Today, you can find HOYA lenses nearly anywhere – from the screen of your smartphone to the lens of your camera.

As quickly as lens technology advances, HOYA adapts their services in order to give their customers nothing less than the best products in the industry.

Hoya training

Your lenses, your life

Why would one style of lens be used for every customer, when not everybody looks at the same thing in their days? HOYA make lenses as unique as you are, tailoring lenses to your lifestyle, whether you’re at a desk all day, driving long distances, or always outside exploring. This individuality has been developed using extensive research into how we see, and how your brain responds to what you see.

Types of lenses available from HOYA include:

  • Classic: A great start to treating your eyes to the care they deserve.
  • Prestige: You have a selection of different coatings to choose from to benefit your vision.
  • Individual: Premium lenses for those who want lenses as unique as they are.

You can talk to your dispensing optician about which HOYA lenses are right for you. Lenses may be a completely separate product to your frames, but they need to work together to give you the best vision possible. Different styles of frames will sit against your face in different ways, and different shaped lenses will affect your vision differently. It takes a combination of great quality lenses and an expert, fully-qualified dispensing optician to get this right – something which you are guaranteed at Leightons.

Quality in their DNA

HOYA are world-leading manufacturers of optical lenses, and with good reason. We love their dedication to quality, and commitment to their people – whether that’s a customer, an optician or employee. Here’s what they had to say on our partnership:

‘At Hoya, our mission is to support & work with independent opticians across the UK.  A key focus has been to help build and protect the brand of independent opticians, not to push our own brand.We see Leighton’s as a leading independent optician brand, continuously innovating their service offering for their customers. What particularly struck a chord with the team at Hoya are the brand & business values that Leightons live by, which we believe align very closely to our own. The Leightons team are both highly professional and friendly and we look forward to working together to support their customers for many years to come.’

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To find out how HOYA lenses can help you, simply visit your nearest branch, call us on 0800 40 20 20 or, if you would like your prescription checked, you can book an eye exam online.