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Maui Jim

Describe what it’s like to work with Leightons.

Leightons are a very professional organisation who are dedicated to deliver the best product and service for their customers. We work closely with the whole Leightons team, we find they are very respectful to their business partners where mutually beneficial goals and objectives are agreed to deliver growth and excellence.

What’s special or different about the partnership, our people and our focus?

The difference is respect, trust and the ability to listen to how are values and objectives at Maui Jim can fit into the Leightons values and objectives. The team are professional, focussed but friendly and welcoming.

How do Leightons values align with your own business’s values?

Our values are to deliver the best product and service in the sunglass category, we don’t compromise in the quality of our product. Maui Jim has amazing features and benefits with an enhanced visual experience, a comprehensive evolving collection that also have the bebenefits to protect our end consumers eye health. I believe Leightons are dedicated to deliver these same values to their customers.

Pick three words that you feel best describe Leightons.

Service, Excellence, Loyal