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Describe what it’s like to work with Leightons.

Working with Leighton’s, I find the group to be very professional, forward-thinking and with a good understanding of current trends with the needs of the patients/customers influencing their purchasing.

What’s special or different about the partnership, our people and our focus?

What’s special or different. The group understands that good business is only good business when all parties are in agreement, with the focus being, to bring the consumer, innovation, value and fashionable eyewear.

How do Leightons values align with your own business’s values?

Leighton’s & Mondottica’s values. As an independent company, Leighton’s like Mondottica, places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and values, and because of our independence we are able to make decisions based on our customers as opposed to shareholders and other outside influencers. Both companies share a passion for detail, ethical product sourcing and doing the right thing!

Three words that describe Leighton’s.

Professional, Courteous, Fair!