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Describe (in a few sentences) what it’s like to work with Leightons.

I have worked with Leightons for many years, and experienced the journey Leightons have been on. They work closely with suppliers to deliver quality products, with staff knowledgeable on those products to deliver great customer service. People have always been at the heart of everything that Leightons do. As a supplier we have a transparent relationship with Leightons, built on trust that is mutually beneficial.

What’s special or different about the partnership, our people and our focus?

Everyone across the group is dedicated to delivering the best patient care, quality products and great customer service. I have experienced this as a supplier and a patient of Leightons. My daughter has been looked after by the team at Farnham, wearing glasses from the age of 4 to now being a contact lens wearer at 11. The care and attention she received from all the team was first class, and they continue to set the benchmark for customer care.

How do Leightons values align with your own business’s values?

There are many synergies between Leightons and Silhouette, both are independent family businesses that recognise the importance of their people to deliver their vision. Both organisations always looking to deliver innovation, across all aspects of the business to delight their customers. There is a close attention to detail, and an eye on delivering quality. Both delivering quality across all aspects of their business, by great people that delight their customers with great service.

Pick three words that you feel best describe Leightons.

Quality, Care and Trust