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Product description

Widex Fusion is the latest RIC power offering from Widex and promises a very wide fitting range from moderate right down to profound hearing loss, powered by a 312 battery and wireless streaming and giving up to SEVEN days of battery life!

The Widex Fusion is available with three speaker wire combinations, a standard receiver, a power receiver and a superpower version too. This, along with various combinations of domes, tips and custom moulds makes for a very flexible package, all in a really neat small housing.

The Widex Fusion makes use of InterEar which ensures the two hearing aids are coordinated and syncronised seamlessly with each other up to 21 times a second.

The Widex Fusion also boasts extra wind noise reduction and the Phone+ feature that allows landline and mobile phone users to hear calls in both ears without the use of extra devices.

The Widex Fusion is fully compatible with all the latest wireless Widex Dex accessories

brand: Widex Hearing Aids