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ProDesign: Denmark has been creating eyewear celebrating modern Danish design for over 40 years. Founded in 1973 by a team of opticians, ProDesign combines modern style with traditional optical expertise, which has given them a fast-growing reputation as one of the leading eyewear brands available.

Today, the creative team at ProDesign are qualified architects, graduating from the prestigious Aarhus School of Architecture. This has given their collections a refreshing new look, which offers flattering shapes in quality materials such as titanium and acetate – not just designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but also great for everyday functionality. It’s due to their modern take on the design process, fashion influences and practicality that they are deservedly known as Eyewear Architects.

ProDesign have released two additional collections, Iris and Axiom created by architects, Marie-Louise Japhetson and Martin Jespersen. “The Iris woman is embracing the beauty of femininity. Her frames are a piece of jewellery that emphasises her elegance, her style and her beauty”, says architect and designer of the Iris Collection, Marie-Louise Japhetson.

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“With the Axiom Collection, we strive for flawless precision in order to make all parts of the frame fit perfectly together”, says architect and designer of the Axiom Collection, Martin Jespersen. “I find inspiration in industrial design and innovative technology, when experimenting with new materials or use traditional materials in untraditional ways”, Martin Jespersen continues.

ProDesign continue to challenge traditional Danish design, giving it a modern Scandinavian flair. The influence of great Danish architects such as Arne Jacobsen, Jorn Utzon and Finn Juhl is still relevant even in their most modern of frames.

prodesign womens glasses

“You still see traces of what we call The Golden Age of Danish design; in clothing, buildings and objects, in colours and everywhere, really. In the Danish Heritage Collection, you see our sense of hip and innovative design, picking up on urban trends. Colours are more subtle, toned down and honest”, explains Catherine Haugerud; she is the eyewear architect of The Danish Heritage Collection.

ProDesign Denmark is available to try in store. If you think ProDesign’s exciting frames would be perfect for you, stop by and see us at your nearest branch. Alternatively, if you’d like your prescription checked first, call us on 0800 40 20 20 or you can book an eye exam online.