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Looking After Your Eyes

OCT – The Ultimate Eye Examination

Detect sooner. Protect more.

With certain eye conditions, the faster you act, the more you protect.

That’s why we recommend OCT as part of your regular eye test. It can help us detect sight-threatening issues up to 5 years before traditional testing methods, and many years before you notice any change in your vision yourself.

What is OCT?

Optical Coherence Tomographers (OCTs) work a little like ultrasound for the eye. It shows us beyond the retinal surface into the tissue behind – allowing us to spot abnormalities up to 5 years before a traditional test.

It can spot early signs of:

(Click here to learn more about other common eye conditions.)

The sooner we detect them, the sooner we can help you treat them.

The images generated by the OCT are stored on your file so when you see us again for your next appointment, the images from the latest screening can be compared with the images generated in the past to see if anything has changed or deteriorated.

Why have an OCT screening?

  • Spot issues sooner – an OCT scan allows us to detect and monitor any changes to your eye health up to 5 years earlier than other methods of eye screening.
  • See more – we can instantly show you the 3D High Definition images of your eyes.
  • Build a more complete picture – all your scans are stored on your records. So from test to test, we can compare your OCT images, and quickly pinpoint any changes in your eye health.

The OCT examination is completely non-invasive and painless. Nothing touches your eye at all. It only takes a few seconds, after that the images generated are examined by your Leightons optometrist.

What can you see?

The OCT screening generates a series of 3D High Definition (HD) scans – just like the one below (click on images in enlarge):

OCT image 5

OCT image


How much does it cost?

Investing in an OCT screening costs as little as £40 to those eligible for NHS sight tests. Or you can enjoy one as part of your Leightons Ultimate Eye Examination for £69.

We recommend you have them as part of your regular eye examination. That way you have ultimate peace of mind about your eye health.

How do I book it?

Book your eye exam online now, call 0800 40 20 20 or contact your local branch.