Complete care for you for £12 a month, and for your entire family for £20 a month

Our exclusive MyLeightons Care Plan

Enjoy complete care and total peace of mind with MyLeightons.

The MyLeightons Care Plan is the easy way to look after your eyes and hearing – for life. For just £12 a month, we’ll deliver the highest quality care you need, along with peace of mind, convenience, and a range of valuable benefits and exclusive money-saving offers.

We also offer the MyLeightons Family Care Plan. For just £20 a month you can receive all the benefits of MyLeightons, but for the whole family!

Call 0800 40 20 20 or click below to sign up today. Alternatively, just speak to a member of staff in your local branch.

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Already a member?

If you’re already a member of MyLeightons and would like to upgrade your care plan to cover your entire family, simply click below and fill in your details. One of our team will then get in touch with more details about your upgrade.

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Specialist optical expertise

  • Routine Ultimate Eye Examinations at intervals recommended by your Optometrist or Enhanced Eye Examination, offering a complete ocular health check and early detection for better preservation of vision at risk of glaucoma, macular degeneration and other health conditions
  • Access to optometrists and contact lens opticians with bespoke therapy appointments, including dry eye assessments
  • Triage for urgent appointments during opening hours as required
  • 20% off complete glasses (including lenses)
  • 30% off a second pair of glasses (including lenses) purchased within three months of your initial pair
  • 20% off prescription and non-prescription sunglasses
  • 20% off all optical accessories (cases, cords/beads, cloths, cleaners, magnifiers)
  • Accidental breakage cover for prescription glasses: 50% off standard retail price within first year of original purchase
  • Own Frame Guarantee at no additional cost (worth £49)

Children under 19 living at the same address have a complimentary upgrade to their NHS sight test and benefit from the same discounts when buying adult glasses.

Contact lens simplicity

If you are a contact lens wearer, you will need your own Care Plan (including children under 19 living at the same address). This is applicable to both the Standard and Family plans.

  • Free contact lens consultation, fitting and upgrade
  • Follow-up contact lens aftercare
  • At least 20% off all types of contact lenses
  • Up to 50% off Gas Permeable lenses

We’re here for your hearing

  • Complimentary ear wax removal
  • Free impressions on hearing protection
  • 10% off hearing aids
  • 20% off disposables (batteries, wax filters and domes) and accessories (remotes, remote microphones and TV streamers)
  • 30% off a second set of hearing aids within one year of initial purchase

For hearing aids not purchased from Leightons

  • 20% off aftercare

Please note: Hearing care services are not available for patients under the age of 18.

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It’s easy

Membership of MyLeightons means complete peace of mind for your eyes and hearing, all for just £12 a month, or £20 a month for the MyLeightons Family membership.

To sign up for your MyLeightons Care Plan, just click below or speak to a member of staff in your local branch.

I'm interested in joining MyLeightons

Terms & Conditions

In accepting the MyLeightons Care Plan, the following terms and conditions are valid:

  • 12 month minimum term
    • If you cancel after the minimum term of 12 months, then you can sign up again whenever you would like to do so.
    • If you cancel before the minimum term of 12 months has ended, then you will either need to pay back the discounts given or pay the remaining fees due of the 12 month period (whichever is the lower).
  • The MyLeightons Family Care Plan covers two adults at the same address plus children under 19 living at the same address only.


  • Second pair of glasses (including lenses) must be purchased within three months of the initial pair to qualify for 30% off.
  • Claim for accidental breakage cover for prescription glasses must be within the first year of purchase to qualify for 50% off retail price.

Contact lenses

  • To benefit from the exclusive contact lens offers, each member of the household must have their own MyLeightons Care Plan (including children under 19 living at the same address). This is applicable to both the standard and the family plan.


  • Second set of hearing aids must be purchased within one year of the initial purchase to qualify for 30% off (excludes Lyric purchases).

MyLeightons Anniversary Gift

  • On the anniversary of your membership, you will receive an electronic voucher that can be redeemed in branch.
  • There is no cash alternative for the voucher.
  • The voucher can only be used once per scheme.
  • The voucher is only redeemable by the paying member of the MyLeightons plan or listed members within the MyLeightons family plan (two adults and children residing at the same address).
  • The voucher must be redeemed in full and no partial credit will be issued for underuse.