Why your next pair of sunglasses should be polarised

Jul 24, 2017 in Eye Care

Sun reflecting off sea

Not all sunglasses are born equal. Many sunglasses aren’t equipped with full UV protection, and, of course, not every pair of sunglasses is blessed with refined lines and beautiful proportions.

Glaring omission

But there are other injustices in the sunglasses world: some don’t have polarised lenses. Polarised sunglasses are essential for reducing glare – bright light that can temporarily impair your vision and cause you to squint.

If you’ve ever been dazzled by the sun reflecting off a window or body of water, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s especially hazardous while driving in bright sunshine, not just from the sun itself but from powerful reflections bouncing off the road surface or other cars.

The science bit

So why is glare so troublesome? Light is normally a messy collection of waves, bouncing around from object to object. But some light waves hit reflective surfaces at an angle that causes the light waves to flatten out. The result is the glare we see on bright or sunny days. Polarising filters – which you’ll also find on camera lenses – filter out these flattened light waves, making it much easier for us to get on with the task at hand without squinting or experiencing discomfort.

Poles apart

Polarising sunglasses use a microscopic chemical layer to create a polarising filter. This filtering effect also improves colours and contrast, making everything look more vivid and clear. Overall, polarising sunglasses are a class apart from ‘standard’ sunglasses. Which to choose?

Naturally, you’ll want to know what’s on the market. Here are some of the best polarised sunglasses available today:

Maui Jim Beach Baby sunglasses with PolarizedPlus2 lenses

Maui Jim is renowned for its quality optics and ability to tame the brightest of conditions – and its PolarizedPlus2 range of lenses doesn’t disappoint. As you’ll have guessed from the name, they’re true polarising lenses, available in four colour tints each suited to different activities and light conditions, from low light and playing golf, to everyday use or fast action sports. With great contrast, UV protection and the classic style of the Beach Baby frames, you’re on to a summertime winner with Maui Jim.

Ray-Ban’s Classic Aviator

No list of great sunglasses would be complete without an entry from Ray-Ban. There’s little left to say about the Aviator styling – it’s nothing short of a cultural icon, but its lenses aren’t too shabby either. These polarised brown-tinted lenses have a noticeable gradient, adding to the simple lines of the frame and ensuring you see true-to-life colours.

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