Smart Eyewear gets Smaller and Cooler!

Sep 07, 2015 in Eye Care

Smart Eyewear gets Smaller and Cooler!

Ever since the advent of Google Glass, smart eyewear has been making waves all over the world. But many of the designs are quite bulky and are fairly unstylish. This is all set to change, with smart eyewear researchers in Germany coming up with new technology. Read on to find out more.

Small Wonder

Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering at Jena in Germany, have developed a technology that can be used to produce smart glasses (or data glasses) in small, unobtrusive designs. These glasses were recently demonstrated at the Laser World of Photonics in Munich. The glasses are small and discreet, unlike the cumbersome frames that come with Google Glass and other similar smart glasses. The glasses can sync with your smartphone and show all kinds of data in your field of vision – from a map or navigation data to information regarding the tourist attraction you’re looking at. Unlike other data glasses, the image or information is not projected on the edge of the field of view, but in the line of your vision. This means that you will not need to look up and right to view the data, but can see it next to the object you’re viewing. This makes these glasses easier to use, and requires a lot less getting used to.

Interestingly, these glasses are not only smart but also corrective. They correct for hyperopia or far-sightedness, where objects at a distance can be seen clearly but not the ones that are close at hand. This increases the application of these glasses. The adjustment doesn't require any manual changes; simply feed the vision defect data in the corresponding app on your smartphone. This information is then conveyed via Bluetooth to the glasses. The glasses then adjust the image as per the data and display a sharp and clear image. These glasses can also partly compensate for other eye problems such as astigmatism and myopia or short-sightedness.

The Eyes Have It

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