A patient having an eye test with an optometrist.

Private Eye Test

At Leightons, an eye test provides a comprehensive examination of the health of your eye, but we want to take the time to get to know you and your visual needs too.

How long does the Eye Test take?

Your Eye Test will be tailored to your needs.

On average, it usually lasts around 30 minutes, which normally also allows time for you to ask any questions you may have.

An optometrist and a patient talking during an appointment.

What happens in the Eye Test?

What’s included in the Eye Test?

The Eye Test includes:

  • Discussion of previous medical and eye history, as well as lifestyle needs.
  • Retinal Photography, where a 45° image of the back of your eye is saved, which helps us track any changes in eye health over time.
  • Measurement of your eyes for long, middle and short-range focus and coordination.
  • High magnification light beam examination of the eyes and eyelids for a 3D view.
  • A bespoke prescription for any glasses, contact lenses or therapeutic treatment.
The room where the patients have their eye test.

How much is the Private Eye Test?

The Private Eye Test costs £39.

If you are eligible for an NHS sight test, then you can add retinal photography to your NHS-funded test for £15.

A patient having a digital retina scanner during an eye test.

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