The duo Anne et Valentin have been creating eyewear that goes beyond trends since 1984. Founded in Toulouse, the pair opened an opticians in 1980 but were restricted by what brands already had to offer. It was their passion to give the customer what they wanted, rather than what they were offered, which began the creation of Anne et Valentin eyewear.

Using either French acetate or Japanese titanium, Anne et Valentin adapts the materials based on the frame style. Styles range from bold and colourful to subtle and discreet frames, but the priority is always the customer’s sense of comfort and expression. The inspiration behind the collections varies quite dramatically. The shape is very 1950s and 1960s, whereas the hues used are inspired by the Mediterranean Sea.

Among eyewear enthusiasts, Anne et Valentin is much loved and worn by many. Leightons are proud to introduce the brand to our customers looking to add some vibrant energy to their look.

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