In relation to our people and to our customers, we are passionate about embracing diversity and providing an inclusive experience, where everyone is valued.

Our DNA is Listen, Empathise, Educate and Delight (LEED) - it’s who we are. What does this mean for diversity and inclusion?


We invite people to tell us about their experiences with us, how they want things to be; we want to know what they think, and we really listen.


We seek to understand and acknowledge different perspectives and empathise with the experiences of others.


Building on understanding the perspectives of others, we educate ourselves and continually improve our approach to diversity and inclusion.


We create an environment in which everyone feels like they belong; everyone is included, valued, and supported.

Career Progression

At Leightons, we are actively developing career progression pathways and offering support to those who wish to progress, providing opportunities for everyone to excel in a career with Leightons.

Gender Pay Gap

To read our Gender Pay Gap report for Leightons Ltd, click here.