Colour Blindness

Jun 17, 2024 - Eye Care

Colour blindness means that you see colours differently than other people and have difficulty telling colours apart. Learn more about the causes and symptoms.

Corneal Abrasion

Jun 5, 2024 - Eye Care

Corneal abrasion (scratched eye) is a scratch, tear or scape in your cornea. It's one of the most common eye injuries. Learn the symptoms and treatment options.


May 22, 2024 - Eye Care

Cataracts are the most common cause of impaired vision. Learn what causes cataracts, how to recognise the symptoms and what treatment options are available.

Brighten Up Your Look: Our Top Glasses for Summer

Feb 28, 2024 - Glasses & Sunglasses

With Summer in sight, and with it, that welcome burst of energy and positivity as the world of colour slowly comes to life. So now is the perfect time to find out how you can use the power of colour to punctuate your eyewear wardrobe with our top picks of the season.

Passion for Tom Ford Eyewear at Chandler's Ford

Jun 13, 2024 - Leightons News

Find the perfect Tom Ford eyewear at Chandler's Ford Leightons. From classic styles to bold statements, our team guides you through their favourite selections.

New optometrists at Leightons Chandler's Ford

Jun 9, 2024 - Leightons News

At Chandler's Ford Leightons, we're proud to introduce our newest optometrists, ready to provide you with exceptional eye care. With a focus on building meaningful patient relationships and delivering top-notch services, our experts are committed to your vision health and well-being.

Cloudy Eyes

Mar 29, 2024 - Eye Care

What causes cloudy eyes and what it means for your vision? Find out how to recognise the symptoms, what treatment is available and when to contact your GP.


May 10, 2024 - Eye Care

Conjunctivitis (pink or red eye) is a common eye condition that can cause much discomfort. Find out how to treat conjunctivitis at home and when to seek help.

Eye Strain

Apr 30, 2024 - Eye Care

Explore comprehensive insights on Eye Strain (asthenopia) symptoms, causes, and prevention options with expert guidance from Leightons Eye Care specialists.

Eye Pain

Apr 12, 2024 - Eye Care

Discover the causes of eye pain, symptoms, and treatment options. Learn when to seek medical advice and get insights from Leightons eye care experts.

Dry Eyes

Mar 20, 2024 - Eye Care

Dry eyes feel very uncomfortable but there are ways to manage the symptoms. Find out what can cause dry eye syndrome and learn what treatment options exist.

What Are The Symptoms For Eye Migraines?

Feb 19, 2024 - Eye Care

Discover the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for retinal migraines. Learn how to identify and manage this condition for better eye health.