Visionary Joint Venture Partnership

A new era of optometric excellence and business ownership

At the intersection of innovation and tradition, a pioneering collaboration has emerged. Leightons proudly presents a visionary joint venture partnership in optometry, that brings together our experience, brand and back-office support with local expertise to create an unprecedented collaboration that is set to redefine optometric excellence.

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Our Vision

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Empowering optometrists and dispensing opticians to elevate patient care.
Our vision is clear – to be a world-leader in optometry and audiology and to be recognised for our unrivalled customer experience. This is all centred on our purpose of helping people see and hear and live life to the full.

We have created a dynamic partnership that celebrates the rich legacy of Leightons and builds on our experience to better support and propel optometrists and dispensing opticians to excel as business owners.

We believe in nurturing a culture that celebrates the best of being human, whilst promoting innovation and growth, and we do this by working in a collaborative way with optometrists and dispensing opticians. We believe in working together and allowing practitioners the freedom to follow their passion to create a differentiated and elevated experience within their community.

Why optometrists and dispensing opticians choose a Leightons Joint Venture Partnership

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1. Unmatched local market brand and expertise

Our joint venture combines the collective experience and knowledge of Leightons which is synonymous with excellence in optometry, dispensing optics, and audiology. United with talented and motivated optometrists and dispensing opticians who possess the passion to lead their team and business locally. As a JV Partner with Leightons, you gain access to our proven business model, established processes, and our Brand Recognition and Marketing Support.

Gain access to Leightons’ positive and trusted brand that delivers strong local market recognition. Together with effective marketing strategies, we will support you to enhance the visibility of your practice in your community and create powerful attraction and retention initiatives.

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2. Cutting-Edge Technology

Stay at the forefront of optometric advancements with access to great support and pricing from the leading technology providers. We are committed to staying ahead in the technological landscape, whilst also humanising the use of technology to enable you deliver the best care to your patients.

This extends to how we leverage technology throughout the business to provide a more secure environment, to become more efficient as well as elevating the experience.

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3. Comprehensive Support

With IT, HR, financial and marketing support, our partnership ensures that our Partners can focus on what they do best – providing exceptional eye care and unrivalled customer experience. We handle the back-office and support with all the areas that create a strong and robust business.

Our Area Management and Professional Services teams are on hand to support you with many of the day-to-day operational aspects of running a successful business, which in turn allows you to thrive in the profession you love.

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4. Collaborative Community and Peer Support

Join a vibrant community of optometrists and dispensing opticians who share a passion for excellence and continuous learning and clinical excellence in a person-centred way. Our collaborative environment encourages knowledge sharing, networking, and the exchange of best practices, fostering professional growth.

Access a wealth of expertise via Leightons Learning Academy, both via online course and face to face learning and structured CPD events. Enhance clinical and business skills via mentorship and continuous learning opportunities.

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5. Financial Stability and Growth Opportunities

As an optometrist or dispensing optician, the Leightons Joint Venture provides a really authentic opportunity to practice in a clinical and premium way, dedicated to incredible patient care. Likewise, our business model provides an honest and true structure for you to operate, be supported and create financial stability and growth.

This includes access to capital for investment and financial management support, enabling strong financial security, profit-share and long-term asset growth within a business you love.

The Leightons Joint Venture is deliberately designed to provide flexibility in regards to the initial investment. The incoming partner typically purchases a percentage of the business, represented by equity or shares. The buy-in amount is based on the agreed-upon valuation.

For example, if the business is valued at £500,000 and the incoming partner buys a 30% stake, their buy-in would be £150,000, plus the equivalent % in asset value. Profit-share would be distributed equally to the shareholding.

Become a Leightons Joint Venture Partner

Step into the future and be a vital part of our community. When you join our Joint Venture, you become an essential member of a community that values innovation, embraces collaboration, and prioritises patient care and well-being.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities

Discover a partnership that goes beyond expectations – where optometrists and dispensing opticians can thrive, patients receive outstanding care, and the legacy of excellence continues.

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