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Engage in life like never before with Oticon Intent™ hearing aids. They contain the world’s first user intent sensors, which seamlessly adapt to whatever you want to focus on to deliver truly personalised hearing support.

Oticon Intent hearing aids

Noisy listening environments can be particularly difficult for individuals with hearing loss. In settings such as a busy family home, an office or a crowded restaurant, everyone will have their own unique listening needs. These needs will change as people move around the space and the volume of background noise goes up and down.

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Oticon’s incredible new Intent hearing aid has been developed to support the brain’s natural way of processing sound – because we hear with our brain, not with our ears. The aids interpret your listening needs based on your head and body movement, the acoustic environment and any surrounding conversation with groundbreaking user intent sensors. As a result, Oticon Intent enables you to engage effortlessly in conversation by prioritising what is important to you.

Key Features

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  • Seamlessly adapts to prioritise the sounds you need using sensors that understand your listening intentions
  • Excellent clarity and quality of sound, without letting sudden noises overwhelm your listening experience
  • A small, discreet IP-rated shell available in a range of subtle colours
  • Rechargeable batteries that give 24 hours of use after two hours of charging, or four hours with just a 15 minute charge – charging 33% faster than previous Oticon aids

Enjoy the benefits of Oticon Intent

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  • Navigate all types of sound environment with confidence and clarity
  • Identify the distance and location of sounds more naturally
  • Hear the higher-pitched sounds that give us clarity in speech with ease, improving your speech understanding without increasing volume
  • Improved sound quality when you are listening to music or talking in background noise
  • Connect with external devices such as your smartphone via Bluetooth to enjoy streaming and handsfree calls

Current hearing aid wearer?

If you already wear hearing aids but are perhaps looking for more support from your aids in difficult sound environments, or if your aids have reached the end of their warranty, why not try Oticon Intent? Your audiologist will be able to give you a demonstration to compare Intent with your current aids.

Hear more clearly with Oticon Intent’s user-centric sound processing while enjoying all the benefits of incredible connectivity and battery life, so you can stay effortlessly engaged with what matters most.

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Pricing and payment plans

Complete hearing care packages

Here at Leightons, we don’t just sell hearing aids – we provide complete hearing care packages that provide everything you need to get the most from your hearing and live life to the full.

Our hearing aid packages provide unlimited aftercare, your warranty, consumables and more, all wrapped up in one convenient purchase. Find out more below, or simply ask the team when you visit.


Hear Now, Pay Later

Why not take advantage of our Hear Now, Pay Later plan to help spread the cost of your new hearing aids?

Simply pay a 30% deposit, then spread the remaining balance over 10 monthly instalments, interest-free, with no arrangement fees and no hidden charges.

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Book an appointment

Whether you are just starting on your hearing journey or are already an experienced hearing aid wearer, why not find out how Oticon Intent can help you engage more fully with life? Book an appointment with one of our experienced audiologists by calling 0800 40 20 20 or book online below.

Colour: Available in multiple colours

Brand: Oticon Hearing Aids

Type: Open And Receiver In Canal RIC Hearing Aids, Behind The Ear BTE Hearing Aids