Aaliyah Ross

Optical Hearing Assistant

Aaliyah has a clinical background with training in basic nursing skills for HCAs. She also holds a Gastrosnomy qualification, and she attended a military college where she gained invaluable knowledge and unique experiences. Her professional journey began with diverse experiences. She also worked as cabin crew for EasyJet, which she thoroughly enjoyed due to its unconventional nature.

Motivated by a desire for a new career path, Aaliyah chose to join Leightons after thorough research. Fascinated by optics and attracted to the promising environment of Leightons, she found it to be a perfect fit for what she wanted to achieve in her career.

In her role, Aaliyah especially appreciates the tight-knit team and positive work environment at her branch. She enjoys the opportunity to master her job responsibilities, gain confidence in advising patients on suitable eyewear, and access further training opportunities.

Beyond work, she finds joy in culinary pursuits, particularly cooking and baking, as well as participating in car meets, where she indulges her passion for modified cars and impressive sound systems.