Optical Hearing Assistant

Anita’s journey within optics started in 2010, after she noticed an advert at her local opticians. She applied for the part time position as she was a patient there already and found her experiences enjoyable and very interesting.

In 2017, Leightons Opticians & Hearing Care acquired Bowden & Lowe, meaning Anita transferred to the Hempstead Valley branch. Then in 2018, she was offered a full time position within the branch, which she was delighted to accept. She is an always-present face, and still enjoys seeing regular customers from Bowden & Lowe.

A big part of Anita’s position is pre-examination tests, which she carries out with maximum professionalism. “I’m fascinated by how much we can tell about someone's health, just by looking into their eyes. The equipment we have in branch is amazing, and I really enjoy learning about them with our opticians.”