Dupinder Singh


With a strong educational background, Dupinder holds a Master of Optometry degree from Aston University and a BSc from the University of Manitoba. Additionally, she has experience as a Pharmacy Technician in Winnipeg, Canada.

Choosing to work for Leightons, Dupinder was drawn to the shared values centred around providing personalised and exceptional service to patients. She was particularly impressed by the company's commitment to investing in state-of-the-art equipment and technology, ensuring the highest standards of care.

In her role, Dupinder appreciates the opportunities for career progression, allowing her to further develop her skills and expertise in the field. Outside of work, she enjoys staying active with gym sessions and leisurely walks, indulging in a passion for movies, and satisfying her wanderlust through travel. She also has a keen interest in dermatology, reflecting a multifaceted range of hobbies and interests.