Maria Mlynczak

Optical Hearing Assistant

Maria has a truly diverse background and a drive for new challenges. After graduating from Art School in Poland, her journey in the UK began in the hospitality industry, where she worked for five years, progressing from a waitress to managing branches. Later, she spent five years in the retail sector as a Senior Assistant Manager at a major wine retailer in Esher.

Maria decided to join Leightons because she was motivated by a desire for a new and exciting career, with a thirst for continuous development. Within her role, Maria enjoys learning and progressing in the sector. She aspires to become a dispensing optician or optometrist in the future, showcasing ambition and a long-term vision for her career.

Outside the professional realm, she enjoys cooking, long walks, and looking after her 3-year-old daughter. She is also passionate about wine and holds a wine knowledge certificate, reflecting a well-rounded set of interests beyond the workplace.