Rory Smith

Optical Hearing Assistant

Rory holds a BA in Music and enjoyed a successful career in the music industry for seven years, before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought an end to his musical pursuits.

His lifelong reliance on glasses and contact lenses led him to explore the field of optics as a natural career transition. Opting to embark on a new journey, Rory chose to pursue a career as an Optical Hearing Assistant, and is enrolled to begin training as a dispensing optician in the future. His decision was influenced by a recommendation from his current manager at Leightons Marlow, with whom he had worked in the past.

As an Optical earing Assistant, Rory eagerly anticipates commencing the dispensing optician course. He also enjoys expanding his knowledge of optics and audiology while working at Leightons and sees within his role an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Rory has a diverse range of interests, including a passion for cars as a self-proclaimed petrol head. He also enjoys various sports such as football, tennis, and Formula 1. Music remains a significant part of his life, reflecting his continued love for the art form.