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Widex UK

Describe what it’s like to work with Leightons.

Working with Leightons is pleasure for Widex. With over 80 years of heritage over three generations, the family-run business aligns directly with our own focus which is built on strong trust and shared values.

What’s special or different about the partnership, our people and our focus?

Leightons are a family run business that pride themselves on not only caring deeply about their customers but also their professional commitment to high standards. Within our partnership, their people and focus ensure that there is a consistent quality of care which is second to none.

How do Leightons values align with your own business’s values?

The Widex values of Originality, Perseverance and Reliability con inform our decisions and inspire our work every day. Leightons mirror our values in helping customers access the best products and services, that allow them to live their life to the full.

Pick three words that you feel best describe Leightons.

Professional, Caring, Original