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Schoolvision clinics are currently available at Leightons Insight Marlow and Leightons St Albans.

Schoolvision is a specialist clinic that helps children at both state and private schools. In addition to a full eye examination, Schoolvision assesses a number of eye coordination and visual stress anomalies that may inhibit a child's ability to both read and concentrate at school.

When we read, one dominant eye should be in charge of aiming at the words. However, if both eyes try to do the same job, the order of words and letters can appear to shift around. This sends confused messages to the brain, causing difficulties in reading and spelling as a result.

Schoolvision assessments cover general reading difficulties, muscle balance, tracking, reading speed for age, colour preference and glare disability.

The benefits of the Schoolvision clinic include:

  • Better performance at school
  • Increased reading speed
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased arithmetic capability
  • Decreased tiredness and anxiety
  • Reduction in headaches

Please note that Schoolvision assessments are a private service and not covered by the NHS. Many of the tests in the Schoolvision assessment are not included in the NHS eye examination.

"Mrs Anderson prescribed special glasses and after seven months she could read an extra four lines on the chart! I am delighted with her progress and she will continue to be monitored. I would highly recommend this clinic. I am not actually sure what we would have done without it." | Mrs J. H. from Maidenhead

“Having been told repeatedly by our local optician that my daughter’s eyes were fine, but knowing there were issues, it was a great relief to find out that we weren’t imagining the problems. Even better was her being prescribed glasses that have really helped with her vision over the last four months. Both she and I are delighted with her improvements in the tests during her follow up appointment last week, and it has really boosted her confidence in terms of reading and schoolwork.” | Mrs A. G. from Hampstead Norreys

“After my son had his Schoolvision assessment for the first time, I felt that we actually now understood what was going on with his vision. After just 12 weeks my previously frustrated six year old has progressed by two levels in reading and is now a bookworm. For him the results have been amazing. I cannot recommend a Schoolvision assessment highly enough from an education point of view. However, as a parent, the improvement in my son’s self-esteem and emotional wellbeing from finally seeing his hard work at school reflected in his results and reading level made the assessment worth every penny spent.” | Mrs K. M. from Thame

Schoolvision is currently only available at Leightons Insight Marlow and Leightons St Albans. Please contact the practice directly to request more information about Schoolvision.

Sportvision at Leightons Insight Marlow

Sportvision recognises that vision problems can have a dramatic effect on sporting ability - from visual acuity to balance, timing, glare recovery and colour perception.

Good vision in any sport is fundamental for success. Not all aspire to the highest levels of professional sport and the vision training programmes this involves. However, those who enjoy sports socially at a local level can be confident that they can be helped by the best vision correction options to ensure they get the most out of their sport.

Options include specialist spectacle tints, lightweight wraparound specs and specialist contact lenses for high energy sports such as sailing, skiing or cycling.

Sportvision is currently only available at Leightons Insight Marlow. Call 01628 477 998 or email [email protected] for more information about Sportvision.