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Yves Saint Laurent began his career within the world of couture fashion as a young designer, working under the world-renowned Christian Dior. In 1961, with an archive of haute couture and prêt-à-porter collections behind him, Yves decided it was time to go at it under his own name and founded his eponymous fashion house.

Saint Laurent has since become synonymous with youth culture and freedom and has played its part in revolutionising the fashion landscape. The brand has also been responsible for many of the world’s most distinctive looks in the late 20th century – think the extravagant shoulder pads which characterized the 80s. Saint Laurent is also famous for popularising an inclusive, androgynous style, a celebration of genderfluidity, which made waves within the fashion world. Today the house of Saint Laurent offers a broad range of ready-to-wear products, leather goods, shoes, jewellery, and eyewear.

Statement styles

Keeping true to their brand identity, the house of Saint Laurent has created an eyewear collection of glasses and sunglasses which exudes both modernity and fashion authority. Their thick black and tortoiseshell acetates remain at the heart of the Saint Laurent eyewear collection, with the addition of rich and vibrant colours which now also punctuate the palette to deliver a diverse range of frames in both classic and bright tones. Saint Laurent employ the use of both soft and high impact contours across their frame collection to create bold shapes, perfect for the statement-makers among us!

The high quality of Saint Laurent frames and sunglasses is self-evident, with subtle hinge detailing and a luxurious finish. Within the collection, you can find frames with their script logo or their signature “YSL” monogram logos.

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