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See the wider picture

At Leightons, we don’t stop at standard. We’re dedicated to bringing you the most thorough ways of testing your eyes to help detect eye conditions sooner.

We’re upgrading from retinal photography to Optomap as part of our standard eye examination offering in some locations. Although we recommend our Ultimate Eye Examination to everyone, we also have the Optomap Eye Examination available to those who may prefer this option.

What does it do?

Optomap allows us to take an incredibly detailed digital image of the back of the eye. It allows us to see up to 80% of the surface of your retina in one ultra-wide panoramic image. This is in contrast to the 10-15% revealed using the traditional retinal examination method of looking through your pupil, which can be recorded in most other applications.

Rest assured, taking the photo is quick and painless – it only takes a few moments and nothing touches your eyes.

optomap coverage diagram

What are the differences between Optomap and OCT?

Optomap and OCT both look at the retina (the back of the eye), but while OCT covers a small central area of the retina in 3D – allowing optometrists to review layers of the retina below the surface – the Optomap shows optometrists a detailed and very wide area of the retinal surface. Optomap is especially helpful in highlighting early signs of:

  • Retinal holes, tears or detachments
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Optomap is a fantastic screening tool to level up your eye examination.

Benefit from clinical excellence

At Leightons, we believe in continually investing in the very latest technology. This means our highly trained optometrists have access to the highest quality and widest panoramic views of their patients’ retinas, enabling us deliver unsurpassed clinical excellence.

How much does Optomap cost?

The Optomap Eye Examination is £55, or £25 for those eligible for NHS sight testing.

How do I book it?

The Optomap Eye Exam is currently only available in Burnham-on-Sea (David Bull Optometrists) and Leightons Insight Marlow. You can book an appointment online, or call us on 0800 40 20 20.