The complete guide for buying children’s eyewear this half term

Oct 24, 2022 in Children's Eye Care

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With half term in full swing now is the perfect chance to sort out those odd jobs with the kids, back-to-school pencil cases, back-to-school lunch box, back-to-school uniform, back-to-school… glasses? If you haven’t considered getting new prescription glasses for kids returning to school, now’s the time.

Just like adults, children’s prescriptions can change, so it’s important to do regular eye tests to ensure their prescription is up to date.

Top 3 things to consider when buying children’s prescription glasses

1. Safety

As we all know, kids will be kids. And it’s almost inevitable that your child’s glasses will have to put up with being dropped or squashed in a bag (and probably lots more besides). So your child’s glasses must be made of materials that will be both durable but also safe.

That’s why polycarbonate lenses are popular, thanks to their impact-resistant, shatterproof qualities. It’s also recommended to make sure that your child’s lenses are UV-blocking to protect from harmful UV rays.

2. Comfort

Your child will have to spend a lot of time wearing their glasses, so comfort is key. Remember that children’s nose bridges aren’t as developed as adults – so frames with adjustable nose pads can be a good idea. These tend to be available on metal frames, but there are also options with plastic frames for smaller noses.

The earpieces (the ‘temples’) should fit just right, too. Overly tight, and your child may complain of headaches. Too loose, and they’ll risk falling off and breaking. Make sure they’re fitted professionally – a Leightons qualified dispensing optician will be happy to help.

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3. Style

Naturally, we all want to make sure our kids look great in their glasses. There are lots of frame choices for children that will make them look the bees-knees. And that goes for children’s sunglasses too!

Brands such as Ray-Ban and Ted Baker create on-trend styles in the perfect sizes for children.

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