What Are Varifocal Glasses

Feb 29, 2024 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Discover what varifocal glasses are, how they work, who needs them, and how to choose the right pair. Learn more about varifocal glasses today!

Brighten Up Your Look: Our Top Glasses for the Spring Season

Feb 28, 2024 - Glasses & Sunglasses

As we begin to leave the colder months behind us, Spring is in sight, and with it, that welcome burst of energy and positivity as the world of colour slowly comes to life. So now is the perfect time to find out how you can use the power of colour to punctuate your eyewear wardrobe with our top picks of the season.

Why we should wear anti-glare glasses when driving

Nov 23, 2023 - Eye Care, Glasses & Sunglasses

With the dark and wet winter weather well and truly here, driving can become just a little more hazardous at this time of year. If you’re planning on driving for work, family or friends, with lots of road travel planned, here’s why it’s essential to wear anti-glare glasses.

The Pros and Cons of Different Materials Used for Glasses Frames

Aug 31, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Discover the advantages and considerations of the most popular materials used in glasses and eyewear with Leightons Opticians.

A guide to the UV400 protection rating in sunglasses

Apr 20, 2021 - Eye Care, Glasses & Sunglasses

Our Guide to UV400 protection in sunglasses. As well as deciding which new shades best suit your face, it’s essential to check the UV rating to stay safe.

Wearing a face mask or face covering with your glasses

Oct 21, 2020 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Are your glasses steaming up whilst wearing a face mask or covering? Clear the view with our No Fog Wipes. You are required to wear a face covering when you visit us in practice. If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, please let us know when you book your appointment.

Eco-friendly eye care: 3 ways to be greener

May 18, 2022 - Glasses & Sunglasses, Contact Lenses

From glaciers shrinking and sea levels rising to horrific droughts and animal extinction, it’s never been more important to do our bit to be more environmentally friendly

The anatomy of a frame

Sep 15, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Join us as we dissect the anatomy of a frame and why even the smallest of features can transform a frame's impact.

Sunglasses for different face shapes: finding the right style for you

Aug 8, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

We think sunglasses shouldn't be defined by your face shape, but instead by what you want! From aviators to cat eye, here's how to find the right style for you.

How to Choose Your Sunglasses Lenses: Exploring Tints, Mirrors, and Photochromic Options

Jul 12, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Find the perfect sunglasses lenses for you. Explore different lens opticians and get expert guidance at Leightons Opticians & Hearing Care. Book now!