Why we should wear anti-glare glasses when driving

Nov 23, 2023 - Eye Care, Glasses & Sunglasses

With the dark and wet winter weather well and truly here, driving can become just a little more hazardous at this time of year. If you’re planning on driving for work, family or friends, with lots of road travel planned, here’s why it’s essential to wear anti-glare glasses.

The anatomy of a frame

Sep 15, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Join us as we dissect the anatomy of a frame and why even the smallest of features can transform a frame's impact.

The Pros and Cons of Different Materials Used for Glasses Frames

Aug 31, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Discover the advantages and considerations of the most popular materials used in glasses and eyewear with Leightons Opticians.

Sunglasses for different face shapes: finding the right style for you

Aug 8, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

We think sunglasses shouldn't be defined by your face shape, but instead by what you want! From aviators to cat eye, here's how to find the right style for you.

What sets luxury eyewear apart?

Aug 3, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Ever wondered what is so special about luxury eyewear? Allow us, here at Leightons, to submerse you into the world of luxury to find out!

How to Choose Your Sunglasses Lenses: Exploring Tints, Mirrors, and Photochromic Options

Jul 12, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Find the perfect sunglasses lenses for you. Explore different lens opticians and get expert guidance at Leightons Opticians & Hearing Care. Book now!

Polarised Sunglasses: Less Glare, More Clarity

Jun 26, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses can help with a range of activities from driving to skiing, maintaining clarity and reducing dangerous glare.

Why Sunglasses are Essential for Eye Health: Protecting Your Eyes from UV Rays

Jun 20, 2023 - Eye Care, Glasses & Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from UV rays with sunglasses. Discover why sunglasses are essential for eye health and how you can find your perfect pair at Leightons.

Y.T.T. Sunglasses 2023: Unveiling our latest collection

Jun 8, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Welcome to the world of Y.T.T., where timeless style meets modern flair. For those of you who don’t know, back in 2021 we launched our very own optical collection, Yesterday.Today.Tomorrow. and it was an instant hit! Now, we're thrilled to present our most exciting release to date: the Y.T.T. sunglasses collection for 2023.

Sunglasses for Outdoors Activities: Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Driving, Sports, and More

May 22, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

Finally, it’s the season of sunshine and getting out and about! No matter how we choose to spend our warm summer days, it’s oh-so-important to wear sunglasses when we are outside to protect our eyes against harmful UV rays. But did you know that sunglasses can also enhance your favourite outdoor activities? Well, join us as we take you through our sunglass recommendations for your favourite outdoor sports and hobbies.

A Spec-trum of colour: Our top pieces of colourful eyewear

Apr 14, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

This season we are all about colourful eyewear, and we think you should be too! Whether you want to go brave and bold, or subtly stylish, we have glasses in a spec-trum of colour, so come and let us take you through our optical rainbow!

Brighten Up Your Look: Our Top Glasses for the Spring Season

Mar 15, 2023 - Glasses & Sunglasses

As we begin to leave the colder months behind us, Spring is almost in sight, and with it, that welcome burst of energy and positivity to our daily lives as the world of colour slowly comes to life. And for many of us, a new season is a time that we consider making changes to our wardrobe or home decor. New accessories are the ideal route towards an updated look, and your eyewear can be too! So now is the perfect time to find out how you can use the power of colour to punctuate your eyewear wardrobe with our top picks of the season.