Choosing the Right Contact Lenses for Your Lifestyle

Jun 27, 2023 in Contact Lenses

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Daily Wear, Extended Wear, and More

Contact lenses are a fantastic alternative to wearing glasses. You might be worried about learning to put them in, but it’s really easy once you know how! And there are plenty of different varieties, so you can choose the best contact lenses to suit your needs.

Our guide below explains all the different types, from daily contact lenses, to multifocal contact lenses, and even coloured contact lenses! There’s pretty much a type of contact lens to suit every prescription and lifestyle. Just check with your optometrist at your next appointment.

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What are the different types of contact lenses?

There are two main types of soft contact lenses to choose from, daily disposables and reusables. Below are the most popular options!

Daily contact lenses

‘Dailies’ are disposable contact lenses that you put in the bin at the end of every day, and choose a fresh new pair each morning. Great for people who want to use contacts every now and again, they are the ultimate no-fuss contact lens style. Because they’re disposable, they don’t require cleaning or a special case. And you won’t need to worry about losing them either.

Bi-weekly contact lenses

These are reusable contact lenses that are changed every two weeks. (It could be a good idea to set a reminder on your phone for lens change day!) Reusables are great for people who want to wear contact lenses every day. They’re cost-effective and easy to use too. At night,At night, you simply clean and store the contact lenses in a recommended contact lens solution, ready to wear again in the morning.

Monthly contact lenses

Just like bi-weekly contact lenses, monthlies are reusable lenses. The only difference is the time period; instead of changing them every two weeks, you change them every 30 days. Monthlies are a perfect choice of contact lenses for those with higher levels of astigmatism, as well as for people with more complex prescriptions.

N.B. Contrary to popular belief, monthly contact lenses are not worn all month without removing them! You should never sleep with your regular contact lenses in. So you still need to take them out and clean them every night. Wearing them all the time would be very sore and could potentially harm your eyes. The only exception to this is extended wear contact lenses which can be worn over night for up to 6 nights in a row.

Speciality lenses

Other types of lenses are available – Leightons offers a range of less-common speciality lenses, which can be helpful for specific eye conditions. These lenses include:

Toric contact lenses

Prescribed and fitted by your optometrist, toric contact lenses are used to correct astigmatism giving you crisp vision all day. They are available in daily disposable and re-usable options.

Varifocal contact lenses

If you have varifocal glasses, you might want to look into multifocal contact lenses too. These are useful for people with presbyopia – who struggle with seeing objects close up – as well as long-distance vision. Great for reading books and watching sunsets in complete clarity!

Ortho-K lenses

Orthokeratology or ‘Ortho-K’ lenses utilise a corrective system that reshapes the surface of your cornea (the front layer of your eye) overnight. Almost like magic, you’ll take out your overnight lenses in the morning, and wake up with crisp, natural vision. And you won’t need to wear glasses or lenses in the daytime. Regular contact lenses are not suitable for swimming and water sports, so if you’re a water baby, these could be the perfect solution for you.

Gas permeable contact lenses

Gas permeable contact lenses are a type of hard contact lens that can give better vision and last longer. However, they can be more difficult to fit and you might need more time to get used to them.

Ortho-K lenses are a type of gas-permeable contact lens. If you think they could be for you, one of our friendly optometrists will be able to discuss their suitability for your eyes at your next appointment.

How do I know which contact lenses are right for me?

Are you forgetful, prone to losing things, a sports player, or an eco-warrior? These are all questions you might ask yourself when thinking about what contact lenses are right for you. But of course, the best option to help you discover the best contact lenses is to discuss your case with an optometrist.

If you’re interested in switching to contact lenses or would like advice about the many different options, our expert optometrists are here to help. You can book an appointment online, call us on 0800 40 20 20, or pop into your local branch.

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