Leightons Hearing Awareness Events

Jul 26, 2015 in Events

Leightons Hearing Awareness Events

Leightons Hearing Awareness Events are organised in conjunction with hearing aid audiologists from leading international manufacturers, such as Oticon, Phonak and Resound.

Leightons Hearing Awareness Events offer anyone concerned about their hearing, or wearing a hearing aid, the opportunity to meet with leading experts from the companies who make the world's most advanced digital hearing aids.

These hearing aid audiologists, working with Leightons are helping to raise community awareness of hearing loss, and provide a better understanding of the effects of hearing loss. They also help to provide advice for current hearing aid wearers, and the opportunity for new or existing wearers, to listen to the most advanced digital hearing aids available.

Benefits of Leightons Hearing Awareness Events

  • Free to attend
  • Free hearing tests - learn about and understand hearing loss
  • Meet the experts - talk with hearing aid audiologists from the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers
  • Free hearing aid demonstrations - try the latest invisible hearing aids
  • See what you hear - visible speech mapping, shows you how your digital hearing aid is working in all your listening environments and we can show you where the hearing aid need to be adjusted to offer better clarity of sound.
  • Free goody bags and information on the latest digital hearing aids.

Keep an eye on this page for updates on our forthcoming hearing awareness events at your closest Leightons branch.