4 Things to Consider When Buying New Glasses

Jul 20, 2015 in Eye Care

4 Things to Consider When Buying New Glasses

Do you have trouble reading a book or do your eyes get tired faster in front of the computer screen? You may need to wear prescription glasses to help correct the issue. Before you head out to buy a new set of glasses, we’ve got some helpful pointers so you can choose some for not only your visual needs but also for your style.

Your prescription

Your prescription will primarily dictate the kind of glasses you need. Almost all frames are suitable for single-vision lenses (either short-sighted or long-sighted), while for multi-focal lenses you might need slightly deeper frames. The prescription will also determine the best lens material to choose, whether it’s standard thickness plastic or high index thinner lenses.

Your personality

Your glasses should reflect your lifestyle and must match your personality. If you’re a professional, you may prefer conservative frames such as ovals or rectangles. If you have a creative job, you can get away with youthful, slightly funky styles. If you’re an avid sports person, you should get glasses that are tailored to your active and rigorous lifestyle.

You may also need to get appropriate coatings on your lenses, e.g. a UV coating if you play a lot of outdoor sports. If you spend long hours in front of the computer, consider getting an anti-reflective coating on your lenses to help reduce unwanted glare and reflections.

Your colouring

The colour of the frames is also important as it should complement your skin tone and the colour of your eyes.

  • Cool colouring (pink or blue undertones, blue or green eyes, and blonde or auburn hair): Go for silver or black frames. If you want to add colour, choose blue, rose-brown or darker shades of pink.

  • Warm colouring (yellow or peach undertones, brown or grey eyes, and brownish-black or brown-gold hair): Off-white or khaki frames often suit well. Or try gold, copper or orange frames.

Your face shape

Always try on the frames to make sure they fit you comfortably and do not pinch. Your Dispensing Optician will ensure they are fitted correctly. The shape of your face is a big consideration in the style of frame you should choose:

  • If you have a square or angular face, look for oval or round frames. These will soften the angles of your face.

  • Similarly if you have a round face, go for square or rectangular frames, but avoid oversized ones.

  • Broad frames suit a narrow or oblong face.

We’re here to help

If you’re thinking of purchasing some new glasses or sunglasses or would just like some friendly advice, pop in to your nearest Leightons Opticians and Hearing Care branch. Our Ultimate Eye Examination will help us understand your specific requirements better so our caring, expert staff can help make sure your next set of glasses suit your eyes, your style and your life.

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