5 ways to keep hay fever at bay this spring

Apr 01, 2022 in Eye Care

5 ways to keep hay fever at bay this spring

The days are getting longer and sunnier – spring is just around the corner. But for many of us, sneezing, wheezing, and itchy eyes come hand in hand with the spring and summer months.

To help you cope with the high-pollen season, we’ve put together 6 ways to ease your symptoms.

1. Consider a daily antihistamine

In those who suffer from seasonal allergies, the body's immune system overproduces histamine when it comes into contact with pollen and other allergens. This causes symptoms like sore and watery eyes or a runny nose. Speak to your GP, pharmacist or Optometrist if you are unsure.

Daily antihistamine tablets and eye drops are available over the counter at your local pharmacist. But if those aren’t working for you, you can always see your GP for prescription antihistamines too.

2. Try eye drops

Comfort eyedrops can provide hydration and relief to sore, dry eyes caused by hay fever. At Leightons, we stock Thealoz Duo eyedrops – you can pick some up in-store when you come for your next eye appointment.

3. Don’t hang your washing outside

Drying your laundry out in the beautiful sunshine might seem like a great idea, but if you suffer from seasonal allergies, it’s a big no-no. Pollen can get stuck to your clothes and bedsheets and trigger your symptoms. So invest in a clothes horse and dry your washing indoors instead.

Zeal Sunglasses

4. Wear sunglasses

Not only do they look cool and protect your eyes from UV rays, but a good pair of sunglasses can also stop pollen from getting into your eyes and making them sore. Both Maui Jim and Ray Ban offer wraparound models which are especially effective at blocking those pollen particles flying into your eyes on countryside bike rides and strolls through sunny meadows.

Take a look at our selection of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses here.

5. Shower before bed

Pollen can accumulate in your hair and on your skin throughout the day – and you don’t want to transfer that onto your freshly indoor-dried bed linen! After all, sleeping on a pollen pillow is not the recipe for a peaceful night. So why not try switching from washing your hair in the morning to the evening during hay fever season and see if it helps with your symptoms.

6. Keep your windows closed

When it’s hot, it’s natural to crack open the windows to get a cool breeze going. But when you let in the air, you’re also letting in pollen from all the flowers, trees and grass around you. It’s a good idea to keep the windows closed (especially if you live in the countryside) and – if your budget stretches, invest in some air conditioning with HEPA filters to keep you cool throughout the hay fever months.

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