Your Spectacles Could Make You Healthier!

Apr 09, 2015 in Eye Tests

Your Spectacles Could Make You Healthier!

Your Spectacles Could Make You Healthier!

Wearable technology is here to stay! Even though Google (kind of) pulled the plug on Google Glass recently, it has not stopped other technology companies from making spectacles smart enough for James Bond. Here’s the lowdown on some wearable tech glass experiments going on around the world.

Get Moving

Hands-free phone calls are nothing new, but they have always involved some kind of earpiece, whether it’s the wired earphones or the wireless Bluetooth. However, UK-based Buhel’s SG05 SoundGlasses use bone conduction technology to relay sound, leaving the ears open. The Taiwanese company ChipSip is trying to emulate Google Glass with its SiMEye (pronounced “see me”) Smart Glass kit, which is priced much lower than Google’s smart glasses. Perhaps the most exciting of these smart glass offerings are the MEME spectacles developed by the Japanese eyewear brand JINS. These spectacles contain a gyroscope and an accelerometer built right into their stylish frames. These sensors can gauge body position and movement, which makes the JINS MEME spectacles an excellent fitness tracker. The gyroscope can monitor and correct your body posture, while the motion sensors can track your movements far better than fitness bands (that usually depend on arm movements). These glasses also have three-point electrooculography sensors that can record eye movement and help in diagnosing several ophthalmological diseases.

Line of Sight

While these smart glasses are in the experimental stage, it is true that if you have vision problems, spectacles can make a world of difference to the way you see. Most vision problems develop slowly and it’s possible that you may not even be aware that you need glasses. Here are some of the early warning signs:

Blurred vision Poor distance vision Difficulty in seeing at night Difficulty in working at the computer Eye strain and fatigue Frequent headaches

Of course, the most definitive way to ascertain whether you need glasses is to get an eye test done. A professional eye test done regularly is as important as your annual health check-up. An eye test will assess how well you can see without glasses. The letter chart is the most common way in which this is determined. If you have trouble reading some parts of the letter chart, the optometrist will use lenses of different strengths to determine if your eyesight can be improved with glasses. Some optometrists also offer advanced ocular health check-ups using a retinal photography system.

Look Sharp

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