A Spec-trum of colour: Our top pieces of colourful eyewear

Apr 14, 2023 in Glasses & Sunglasses

A Spec-trum of colour: Our top pieces of colourful eyewear

This season we are all about colourful eyewear, and we think you should be too! Whether you want to go brave and bold, or subtly stylish, we have glasses in a spec-trum of colour, so come and let us take you through our optical rainbow!

Ready for Red

The colour of passion, energy and excitement, red glasses will certainly make a statement and these two frames are definitely some of our favourites.

red frames

For a daring look, why not check out ProDesign Triangle 1? Whilst sleek in its design, the pop of colour allows it to stand out for all the right reasons.

Or perhaps the careful curves of Silhouette’s Colour Groove are more your style? This frame perfectly takes a sophisticated shape and injects it with a bit of fun, adding a burst of colour to brighten the look.

Bold - ProDesign Triangle 1
Subtle - Silhouette Colour Groove

Say Hola to Orange

For the eccentrics among us, you can’t get much crazier than a bright orange frame! So it’s only right we head over to our friends at Etnia Barcelona for this one.

Orange frames

Whether you want to go impactful with Etnia Brutal or chic with Etnia Olivine, these frames will certainly level up your look!

Bold - Etnia Brutal (4 BRUT11 46O OG)
Subtle - Etnia Olivine (4 OLIVIN 52O PGOG)

Mellow yellow

Yellow glasses are the perfect colour for those of us who are drawn to warm and autumnal tones. They are extremely versatile, allowing us to add that burst of colour and energy into our wardrobe, whilst not overpowering the look.

yellow frames

For a brighter look, we’d recommend ALLPOETS Milton. Or for something more low-key, why not try Barton Perreira’s Norton?

Bold - ALLPOETS Milton (5 MILTON 47O YWHV).
Subtle - Barton Perreira Norton (Matte Golden Honey).

Going for Green

For lovers of the outdoors and all things nature, why not go green? Representing growth, harmony, and balance, green glasses are the perfect choice for those who want to feel grounded and centred.

Green frames

One of the go-to green frames is this exquisite piece from Gucci. Angular in design, this frame certainly packs a punch! And for a classic shape with a twist why not try Orgeen Shark?

Bold: Gucci GG0963O colour 003
Subtle: Orgeen Shark S086

Boldly Blue

For the fashion-forward among us, you can't get much bolder than a vibrant blue frame! Not only do blue glasses complement a wide range of skin tones and outfits, but they also bring a sense of confidence.

blue frames

We’re headed back over to Etnia Barcelona for this brilliantly blue recommendation, Brutal NO.2. And for something just that bit sleeker, why not try our very own Y.T.T. Derbyshire Blue.

Bold - Etnia BRUTAL NO.2 (5 BRUTA2 47O KL)
Subtle - YTT Derbyshire Blue

Pretty in Pink

Fabulously feminine and fierce, pink glasses are a ‘tour de force’ in terms of a stylish option that can be a little more forgiving when styled by the sartorialists amongst us.

pink frames

Whether it’s the hot pink of ALLPOETS Shiva or the subtle pop of Eco’s Cassia Rose, you can count on these tones to lift your look and brighten up your optical wardrobe.

Bold - ALLPOETS Shiva (5 SHIVA 51O FU)
Subtle - Eco Cassia rose

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