Which English cricketer is your style icon?

Jul 31, 2014 in Glasses & Sunglasses

Which English cricketer is your style icon?

If you’re a cricket fan you will certainly be following the England versus India matches being played this month. Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning to emulate the sunglasses style of one of your cricketing heroes!

Cricketing Icons

The dashing Alistair Cook spearheads the English cricket team for ODIs and Test matches. He usually sports Adidas eyewear, which incidentally is the official kit supplier for the English Cricket team. Cook is usually spotted in his signature white framed Evil Eye Halfrim sunglasses from Adidas, though he also favours Adidas Adivista – the sports-focussed sleek and svelte style from the company. The T-20 captain for England is Stuart Broad and he too endorses Adidas. In an interview with Sunglasses Shop, Broad said that getting the right lens is crucial as it impacts everything from reaction speeds to eye protection. Like Cook, Broad to favours white frames and his favourite sunglasses style is the Adidas Retego.

Wicket-keeper Matt Prior is known for his lightweight Oakley Radar sunglasses, which are especially made for sportspersons. Radar comes with a choice of “Hydrophobic” lenses that repel water and are anti-static so they don’t attract dust and dirt. Amongst the bowlers, James Anderson is also partial to the Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim, though unlike Cook, he usually wears them in black frames.

Any reference to the current English cricket team would be incomplete without mentioning Kevin Pietersen. The swashbuckling South Africa born batsman (and occasional spin bowler) no longer plays for England. Pietersen had been bedrock for the team for several years, with The Guardian even calling him “England’s greatest modern batsman”. Apart from making his presence felt on the field, Pietersen is also quite the style icon, rocking several sunglasses styles. He endorses Oakley sunglasses and is often seen sporting latest trends, including mirrored sunglasses, though his favourite remains the Oakley Plaintiff with either the polished chrome frames or polarised ones.

Get the Look

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