Can I wear ear muffs and protectors with hearing aids?

Dec 28, 2012 in Hearing Aids

Can I wear ear muffs and protectors with hearing aids?

Digital hearing aids have come on leaps and bounds over recent years to the point where they are barely recognisable in passing.

Not only are they much more attractive to look at than their larger, bulkier predecessors, they are sleek and well defined too which means added confidence for the wearer and a generally less obtrusive look.

It also means that various head-based garments can be worn much more easily than in the past when hearing aids would have simply got in the way and caused a nuisance for wearers.

Ear muffs, for instance, can easily cover hearing aids without damaging the device’s performance, meaning that, on those cold winter mornings, you can keep your ears nice and toasty on the walk to work while ensuring you can still hear properly.

Similarly, ear protectors are worn by people in all manner of workplace environments and rightly so too, given that they are a useful defence when it comes to avoiding hearing loss.

However, even when you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, it’s advisable to continue to wear the devices so as to make sure that things don’t deteriorate.

You can continue to wear hearing aids even with hearing protectors and you will recieve the same amount of service, although there are some issues that wearers sometimes complain about.

Not only can it get a little bit hot and sweaty within the ear when covered with an ear muff or protector but the whole process of wearing these sorts of garments on top of hearing aids can take some getting used to.Once you’ve got used to it, things will largely be fine, but adjusting, especially when you are new to hearing aids, can be a lengthy process sometimes.

It’s something that we here at Leightons will be able to discuss with you on your free hearing test so don’t be afraid to broach the subject with our expert audiologists.