Christmas and New Year with a hearing aid

Dec 27, 2012 in Hearing Aids

Christmas and New Year with a hearing aid

The Christmas and New Year period is an exciting time for all of us and it’s essential that those with digital hearing aids aren’t left feeling isolated or alone.

This can often be the case if friends and family don’t know how to communicate best with someone who suffers from hearing loss, especially if the wearer hasn’t used their device for long.

However, there are ways in which you can ensure hearing loss doesn’t ruin your festive period and most of the time it’s simply a case of being patient and caring on both sides, while making sure that nobody gets frustrated and loses their cool.

Action On Hearing Loss has launched a campaign recently to try and highlight the issue and says there are three main ways in which those with hearing aids can have their lives made easier over Christmas and New Year.

It has urged everyone to take the time to include family or friends with hearing loss in activities and plans while also making sure that they are facing people directly when talking to them and speaking clearly, without mumbling.

It also believes those with hearing loss have a part to play as well by being vocal when it comes to explaining that they cannot hear what is being said or if people need to repeat themselves.

Richard Williams, director of Action on Hearing Loss Cymru, said: “We are asking people... to take time to converse clearly with relatives and friends with hearing loss to make sure that everyone is able to take a full part in this year’s Christmas celebrations.

"Often, it is noisy social events that make people with hearing loss feel the most left out, as it can be very difficult to follow conversations.

“Everyone can contribute to making people with hearing loss feel included and avoid the sense of isolation and loneliness that can sometimes arise.”

Although this advice has come for Christmas and New Year, these are good practices to adopt all year round.