Digital hearing aids: Setting yourself New Year’s Resolutions

Dec 24, 2012 in Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids: Setting yourself New Year’s Resolutions

The Christmas festivities have come to a close, the turkey is all gone and now you have a brand new year to look forward to.

Come January 1st, millions of people around the world will be looking to put their New Year’s Resolutions into practice, using the momentum of a fresh start to help them achieve all manner of things.

When it comes to hearing aids, especially if you are a new user, the dawn of a new year could be the perfect time to set your stall out and ensure that you fully get to grips with your new device.

There are a number of areas where setting a new plan or scheduled for your hearing aid can prove useful and it’s something definitely worth thinking about.


One issue that is vital to get sorted as soon as possible is a clear and concise cleaning schedule for your device. Draw up a plan which dictates when you need to clean your aid and ensure you stick to it.

Not maintaining your device is not only unhealthy and potentially dangerous, it is also a waste of money as you will need to fund a replacement if your existing aid starts to malfunction.


Secondly, start to take a new outlook when it comes to conversing with others and really getting to grips with day-to-day life while wearing an aid.

Resolve not to get downhearted if things don’t go right straight away and remind yourself that it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Chances are, by doing this, you’ll be fully proficient with your device and communicating before the first couple of months of 2013 draw to a close. Resolve issues

Finally, promise yourself that you will look to resolve any malingering issues that may be affecting you and your new life with a hearing aid.

Recurrent problems need addressing so either call in for an appointment with us in branch or look up resolutions online to make sure you don’t still suffer the same problems when 2014 rolls around.