Don't let fireworks damage your hearing this Bonfire Night

Oct 30, 2012 in Hearing Aids

Don't let fireworks damage your hearing this Bonfire Night

With Bonfire Night firmly on the horizon, people should be placing their hearing as a priority, rather than simply fireworks and explosions.

Modern fireworks are now more technically advanced than ever, with louder explosions and more fascinating visuals, and it is that noise aspect that people need to remember.

Obviously we don't suggest you avoid Bonfire Night and fireworks completely, but if you suffer from deafness, wear a hearing aid already or have young children around, ensure you have some ear protection.

Ear defenders can be acquired very simply and cheaply and will help protect against the onset of tinnitus, which fireworks can certainly contribute to with their high-pitched screaming and loud explosions.

According to Action On Hearing Loss, being constantly exposed to noise which registers at more than 85 decibels can cause significant hearing damage.

What may be uncomfortable for some is that fireworks, although usually only being seen and heard once a year, can reach as much as 155 decibels throughout the course of the display.

Children, in particular, need to be protected from early damage to hearing, according to the charity's Mark Catling, although there's no reason why adults shouldn't lead by example.

Mr Catling, head of products, said: "We all enjoy watching fireworks on Bonfire Night and with these, comfortable, light-weight ear defenders, parents can be safe in the knowledge that their children can watch the firework displays without the uncomfortable loud noises.

"They're also useful if you take your children to festivals and other music events."

So, amid all the fun and frolics involved with fireworks and Bonfire Night, ensure your children's hearing, and indeed your own, are not put at risk.

If you or any member of your friends or family feel as thought they may be showing early signs of tinnitus or hearing loss, they can always pop in for a free hearing test with us.

Alternatively, we can come to your home and see what the problem may be.