Don’t let your hearing aid put you off adult education

Sep 12, 2012 in Hearing Aids

Don’t let your hearing aid put you off adult education

Adult education is an extremely popular pursuit now and for those of an older age who are enjoying their retirement it can provide a real sense of focus.

However, the problem of learning in a classroom, which can often be quite hectic and busy, is often a source of fear for some people with digital hearing aids, but that doesn’t need to be the case.

There are some tips and tricks to help acclimatise to louder surroundings such as a classroom, and they can be especially important with adult education classes that involve noise such as music, food or foreign languages.

Let’s face it, foreign languages can be difficult enough to learn for anyone so with a hearing aid it’s important to take it slow and ease yourself in.

The best way of doing this is to gradually use your hearing aid in louder environments as you go on.

So, for instance, use it first when on your own, then with a TV or radio and then interact with family and friends.

There are various requirements too that establishments must meet when it comes to facilities for deaf people or the hard of hearing, so talk to your teacher or the building operator if you have any concerns.

Indeed there is an event being held in London later this month which promises to answer all questions anyone could have about helping deaf individuals in their quest for education.

The Signature conference, held in Canary Wharf on September 27th, is open to all and claims that “opportunities available to deaf learners should not be limited, yet the gap in their potential and achievement is far too wide compared to their hearing counterparts”.

As part of the day, there will be panel discussions as well as expert speakers so that all areas of legislation and responsibilities are covered.

While it’s perfectly natural to worry about adjusting to life with a hearing aid, there really is no need.

Remember, you can always pop in to a Leightons branch for advice and suggestions.