Event planned to help grandparents cope with hearing loss

Oct 15, 2012 in Hearing Aids

Event planned to help grandparents cope with hearing loss

Being able to hear properly and clearly is an essential part of life at whatever age you may be.

You may be a youngster or approaching your retirement but communication and hearing are just as engrained at either life stage.

For those of an older age, it's uncomfortable to think that you may not be able to hear relatives, such as grandchildren, or friends properly and this is why it's so important that you have your hearing assessed as soon as any problems arise.

It's also why the hearing charity NDCS is to host an event in November which aims to help grandparents to gain information and share experiences with fellow old people about hearing loss.

The event will take the form of an information day and will look to share information to support grandparents who are heard of hearing as well as those who have a deaf child in the family.

Guests will be able to share their experiences and will also be given pointers from professionals and experts.

Being able to interact well with grandchildren and young family members is a vital part of older life for many people and digital hearing aids can really improve such situations.

As well as being important for older people, it's also essential for those who have a child in the family who is hard of hearing too.

Being able to explain that hearing loss isn’t the end of the world and that there are solutions out there can be extremely comforting for a young person.

Those who have come for a free hearing test with us at Leightons will be able to testify that a quick consultation can vanquish a number of fears that people may have.

Also, don't forget that we can always come to you. We offer free home hearing tests too if you can't make it down to one of our branches.