Getting the right look with your hearing aid

Sep 05, 2012 in Hearing Aids

Getting the right look with your hearing aid

Obviously the main thing many people want from their digital hearing aids is effectiveness and how well it helps you to hear things.

Efficiency and performance are paramount because ultimately that is what hearing aids are all about, but many of our customers also want them to look good.

Having a sleek, easily concealed hearing aid is an important part of fittings for many customers and thankfully all of the hearing aids we offer are modern, compact and, most of all, top quality.

Many people are often put off hearing aids because they continue to think they need to wear clunky, hefty devices.

However, that couldn't be further from the truth and after a short while it's likely that it will become second nature to you. So much so, that many people often forget they are wearing the device.

Crystal Rolfe, an audiology specialist the charity Action on Hearing Loss, says a large part of people's fear is based on image when it really shouldn't be.

She said: "There’s still a stigma surrounding hearing aids, but it’s out of date. Modern hearing aids are a great improvement on those that were available even a couple of decades ago.

"Today’s digital hearing aids work better than the older analogue ones, and they’re much smaller and neater than they used to be.

"We need a new attitude to hearing aids. Wearing them should be as unremarkable as wearing glasses."

There are a wide range of hearing aids, that all offer different advantages, sizes, levels of amplification and design.

Our hearing aids are battery operated and they either sit 'in the ear', 'behind the ear' or ‘in the canal'.

While all these types may seem a little daunting at first, there's no reason to fear.

Our specialists will help you to find the one that is right for you, both in terms of performance and look.