Hearing loss charity seeking skydiving Santas

Nov 09, 2012 in Hearing Aids

Hearing loss charity seeking skydiving Santas

A hearing loss charity is to raise awareness and funds with a rather eye-catching stunt.

It may often feel like hearing loss is a condition that is overlooked these days, with things like modern hearing aids making it easier to live with the condition.

However, it is still incredibly important that enough time and funds are spent on researching and treating the condition, as well as helping those who are living with it.

It is also essential that those who believe they may be losing their hearing go for a free hearing test.

This is the message of charity Action on Hearing Loss, which has come up with a great stunt to raise awareness of the issue.

The charity is currently seeking skydiving Santas who are willing to throw themselves out of a plane in aid of hearing loss, the Coleraine Times reports.

Skydiving from a height of 13,000ft and wearing a Santa costume, the volunteers are bound to be something of an attention-grabbing spectacle.

Participants will be fully trained before they slip into their Santa suit, and the leap will be tandem - meaning they won't be left to grace the skies on their own.

The stunt is scheduled for December 1st, explaining the Christmas theme, and the festive red and white suits will be provided.

Northern Ireland services manager Cilla Mullan told the publication: "Money raised from the event will ensure Action on Hearing Loss can continue to provide these vital services."

This follows news that Adam Rosenbaum, the grandson of the late Labour MP and disabled champion Lord Jack Ashley, tackled the TCS Amsterdam Half Marathon, with proceeds going to Deafness Research UK.

He completed the TCS Amsterdam Half Marathon in an impressive one hour and 55 minutes, raising a total of £944, the Ealing Gazette reports.

The charity was founded by Lord Ashley himself.