New survey to highlight issues involved with hearing loss and sport

Oct 02, 2012 in Hearing Aids

New survey to highlight issues involved with hearing loss and sport

A new survey has been launched which aims to uncover the facts and figures related to British minority ethnic (BME) deaf people playing sport across the UK.

Hearing loss can often be considered a real detrimental blow for people looking to play sport regularly but this doesn't have to be the case and the research will hopefully lead to further improvement in sport accessibility.

It is being rolled out by Sporting Equals, alongside the charity Action Deafness, and they aim to uncover what is holding back BME people who suffer from deafness and hearing loss.

A spokesperson for the campaign said the research would work in two ways.

First it would look to paint a picture of how things look currently. It would then go on to create a strategy that would help to solve any problems that exist.

She also said that research was key to helping make sport more inclusive for those with hearing loss.

"The aims of the research are to develop a comprehensive understanding of how people from black and minority ethnic communities who are also deaf engage with sport and physical activity.

"The research has been designed to build an understanding of the barriers and the changes which need to be made in order for sport and physical activity providers to attract and engage people from this demographic."

From the research, organisers say a number of key decision makers will be informed as to the findings.

These include the Department for Health, local authorities, national governing bodies and various sport and physical activity deliverers.

Sport is not specifically off-limits for those who wear hearing aids, with many devices now being waterproof, although there may be some considerations that need to be made.

For information relating to any adjustments that may be needed, you can always speak to our expert audiologists in branch.