Seeing Shakespeare captioned at The Globe

Mar 31, 2013 in Hearing Aids

Seeing Shakespeare captioned at The Globe

Have you been to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, yet? This theatrical venue is a fantastic way to see the work of the Bard come to life.

Accessibility has been considered at the open-air venue, with captioned stagings and performances featuring British Sign Language translation among the options offered.

There are several performances of both sorts coming up at this venue, which gives audiences a taste of how performance may have worked in Shakespeare’s time.

Famed Island-set tale The Tempest, which some think is the last play Shakespeare penned, kicks off a run at The Globe on April 23rd.

A captioned staging has been arranged for June 29th, with this performance taking the form of a matinee and starting at 2pm.

The play is a comedy, and features magic, people being shipwrecked, a love story and much, more. Much of the humour in this well-loved play has really stood the test of time.

Coming up later in the year, a play that is somewhat darker in tone, Macbeth, is going to be hitting the stage. Most people know that this tragedy is set in Scotland and is associated with theatrical superstition. It’s also, of course, a gripping thriller.

Joseph Millson will take the part of Macbeth in the Globe production, which kicks off on June 22nd and will see a captioned performance staged on August 10th, again at 2pm.

Returning again to comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is due to begin its run at the theatre May 24th.

Like The Tempest, the play features young love, magical creatures and plenty of laughs! It will see a captioned staging on September 7th at 2pm.

British Sign Language (BSL) performances will be held for all three plays, but on different dates: May 26th for The Tempest, July 6th for A Midsummer Night’s Dream and July 28th for Macbeth.

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