Study points to link between diabetes and hearing loss

Nov 15, 2012 in Hearing Aids

Study points to link between diabetes and hearing loss

A new study has suggested that those who suffer from diabetes could find themselves at more risk of needing modern hearing aids in future.

The research, published in The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, involved a meta-analysis of thirteen previous cross-sectional studies taking into account 20,194 participants.

Chika Horikawa from Niigata University in Japan, and lead author of the study, said the results hinted that "over time, high blood glucose levels can damage vessels".

He even went on to say that those who suffered from diabetes were more than two times as likely to go on to suffer from some form of hearing deficiency as a result.

During the research, hearing impairment was measured by using audiometry of at least 2 kHz of frequency range and the results showed that the link between diabetes and hearing loss was not largely related to age, gender or environment.

As a result of the findings, the team have suggested that authorities across the world should look to asses those who suffer from diabetes at a much earlier age when it comes to hearing loss.

"Our results propose that diabetic patients be screened for hearing impairment from earlier age compared with non-diabetics, from the viewpoint of prevention of several health problems such as depression and dementia caused by hearing impairment," Mr Horikawa noted.

It was also found that the number of people around the world who were diagnosed with hearing more than doubled in the period between 1995 and 2004.

Over the course of the past few years, there have been several studies into the link between diabetes and hearing loss but these had mostly returned inconsistent findings.

However, this latest study certainly seems to suggest more of a trusted relationship between the two.

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