That's entertainment: Enjoying TV, film and music with a digital hearing aid

Dec 18, 2012 in Hearing Aids

That's entertainment: Enjoying TV, film and music with a digital hearing aid

We all enjoy film, TV and music and there's no reason why, just because you have been fitted with a digital hearing aid, that needs to change.

It's something that our expert audiologists will look to explain to you when you come for your free hearing test at a Leightons branch but really it's not worth worrying a great deal about.

Getting your entertainment fix, while wearing a device, can sometimes require a bit of extra effort but that's about it.

Not only are there subtitles available on televisions for programmes and films but when it comes outdoor performances, you can simply adjust your hearing to get the right level of sound.

This adjustment process is something that can be taught to an extent but also requires a little bit of trial and error.

Indeed, major concerts in big arenas will require a different setting to more intimate shows such as plays and small theatre productions.

If a recent survey is anything to go on, the main problem that people suffer with is subtitles on TV and films.

According to Action On Hearing Loss, 62 per cent of respondents who have problems using subtitles said they did so because of delays between speech and subtitles.

Forty five per cent said they had issues about the poor accuracy of subtitles while 36 per cent said they simply didn't have access to subtitles.

The charity's chief executive, Paul Breckell, said: "It is very disappointing that viewers who rely on subtitles are being deprived of the right to access important news about the country or their community because subtitles are not available, accurate or appearing at the right time on screen."

These findings have been passed to Ofcom but, until the watchdog makes major changes, it may just be a case of making do for now.

Remember, our audiologists are on hand to answer any questions and give you tips.