Using digital hearing aids in care homes

Jan 04, 2013 in Hearing Aids

Using digital hearing aids in care homes

Trying to adjust to life with digital hearing aids can be a difficult process for those of an older age, even when living independently in their own properties.

However, for those living in care homes and trying to cope with that life change, it can be a complex path. Moving out of your own home and into care facilities is never easy but throw hearing aids into the mix and it can get even more confusing.

Our audiologists can offer their advice, while experts at the care home will also be able to do their bit to ensure that the process is made as simple as possible and make sure those in homes can hear fully.

Research carried out by Action On Hearing Loss recently found that more support was needed in such facilities to ensure residents don't feel isolated or alone because of their condition and one independent health and social care consultant is in full agreement.

Melanie Henwood wrote in an article for Community Care that more needed to be done in order to "disturb the sound of silence".

"Putting up with deteriorating capacity and function may sometimes be unavoidable, but often intervention could greatly improve hearing and thereby increase the opportunities for older people to participate more fully in social interaction," she added.

If you are in a care home and struggle with issues such as loops and or other such systems, then it's best to speak to workers there. If it's any equipment problems then we at Leightons can help.

Either way, don't feel as though you have to just 'make do' and muddle by. There are various people who can help on all manner of issues related to your hearing aid and how best to use it.

Remember, it's essential that you don't suffer in silence because you will continue to have the same problems without anything being done to rectify them.